Benefits of The Kings Presence | Dr. Myles Munroe

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Rediscovering The Kingdom Volume 9 Titles:

Disc 1- The Kingdom & The Great Commission
Disc 2- Rediscovering The Mission of The Church
Disc 3- Restoring The Kingdom Atmosphere
Disc 4- Benefits of The Kings Presence

From the very beginning, God’s plan for His creation was centered on our being in a relationship with Him. It was never God’s plan to establish a religion. When governments collapse and human philosophies fail Rediscovering the Kingdom will become your guide through the treacherous storms of the 21st century. As Dr. Munroe unveils the reality and the power of the Kingdom of God, you will be challenged to the core of your religious soul as you discover realities that few have seen, let alone talked about.

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  1. I only got to listen to the late Dr Myles Munroe sermons latterly like for from last year.An his preaching of the word so profound an clear.An it makes a Profound Impact,every time I listen to the same or different sermon.As a baptised believer I am growing by leaps an bounds,Amen Amen

  2. Wow! Whoever is in charge now sure has undone a good thing, with all this editing and chopping up content to fit some new tech concepts.

    Look at it! All the videos 1 year, 1 year ,
    1 year, 1 year.

    I've been hear almost two hours today looking for anything familiar to what I have been previously exposed to for the past few years.

  3. Come On Now 🤣🤣🤣 you can't come to the King/Queen with sagging jeans suffocating the manhood- that it can't breathe, and woman parts 🤦🏽‍♀️, breasts peeking, ass peeking out 😓.
    I remember growing up even men had reverence for the house of God, they removed their caps/hats etc. We had Sunday clothes aka church clothes- really smart going before the Lord, now you can't even tell the difference, some people look like they really came from the club..
    God have mercy.


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