Behold (Then Sings My Soul) Lyric Video – Hillsong Worship

“Behold (Then Sings My Soul)” from our new album ‘let there be light” recorded live at Hillsong Conference in Sydney, Australia.


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  1. Pode não ter nada a ver mas eu penso assim: Quando ela diz "toma as minhas mãos" ela quer dizer as obras, os talentos, os dons que se não for pra usalos pra tocar a Deus, pra dar glória a Ele, é melhor não ter. E por "toma meu coracao" significa tipo toda vida, os pensamentos, atitudes e palavras se não forem os mesmos que os de Deus, ela pede para que Ele tire todas essas coisas dela. Porque não vale a pena viver qualquer vida a não ser a vida na morada. A vida firmada na rocha que é nosso Jesus.

  2. I pray to my heavenly Father that whoever this song reaches too, they will be blessed ,protected by his blood of the lamb and Never miss heaven🙏, Amen.

  3. He just kept knocking and knocking and knocking, But I wouldn't let me in
    My aunt took me to church, and that's where the Holy spirit acted…
    Now Jesus is sitting next to me in my house, telling me I'm loved….

  4. تر تا دي صدقه سم زما خدایه! ستا پرته په ژوندون مړی یم. ستا مقدسه ارواه دي ما له ګناهونو وساتي او زما سره دي تل وي. آمین!

  5. Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, the US troops recently left Afghanistan. Please pray for all the troops who have made sacrifices in whatsoever form in my country of birth. They and their legacy will never be forgotten and will always be remembered. Let's praise God and thank Him for His beautiful people serving in my country of birth that hopefully will be considered as foundation and the best step for the establishment of the Kingdom of God. Amen! When we suffer that is what God accepts in order to save others, so Americans (oh my brothers and sisters!!) have suffered so much, please pray that their good work opens a gate for the coming of the Kingdom of God. I know, only God's people go to battles with evil-minded and evil-spirited and satanic affairs' lovers. If I would have a chance to ask anyone for anything, that would be asking prayers with cries to God-our heavenly father for my brothers and sisters in Christ (Americans). Let's live with bravery and kindness to defeat Satan because so much lie ahead of us, so we must be brave and courageous and never be afraid and always ready. God bless the US!! God bless the unknown warriors who defend the truth.

  6. Que hino é esse ? sem palavras para descrever, você sente o espirito santo neste hino ! What's this song ? without words to describe it ! You feel Jesus in this song !

  7. Please Pray for God to meet and save me and my family.
    Pray for peace with the Lord and harmony in Him.
    Pray that evil spirits do not disturb our family.

    I'm korean.
    I believe in the Lord who listens to our prayers.

    And they said,
    Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ,
    and thou shalt be saved,
    and thy house.
    Acts 16 : 31

  8. I love this song,touches heart Jesus loves us went through alot but Jesus got my hand and walked with me I have a testimony he is unfailing father,Jesus messiah
    Ohhhh holy spirit

  9. Lord God thank you for this wonderful day. I lift all my worries in you Lord because i know you are in control of everything. Praying for continuous blessing for me and my family and everyday protection against all kinds of harm. Be our light Lord as we walk through our everyday living. Praying that all the sickness in my body be healed as well as my loved ones. Praying that me and my co-workers will get the 2nd dose of astrazeneca vaccine without having serious side effects. Praying for peace and safety in the Philippines and lowered COVID-19 case. Praying for healing of the whole world against COVID-19. In Jesus name, Amen 🙏🏼

  10. If you think this is good, y'all really should check out the – "food court Christmas flash mob" video. Also: "Alan Powell Hallelujah", and "Lauren Daigle on Ellen". (Or my "Christian" playlist. You can thank me later.)


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