"Beautiful & Uplifting Gospel Hymns -AlanJackson- with Instrumental Hymns".

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  1. Pray God lifts the scales from the lukewarm and lost eyes, opens their ears and soften their hearts. Pray God strengthens His children, gives them more discernment, knowledge, wisdom, and understanding 🙏🏻

  2. This county is abusing me with 3 eyed sheriff spears I'm currently residing in BT willits California. Thank you for taking the time to read this 🌺🎵💜

  3. Please Jesus, touch my husband who has Parkinson's, my family and my sisters family,. These hymns give us a lot of courage and lift us up. Open a door for us the way you, Jesus see it in your time Amen. 🙏🌹

  4. This country gospel hymns from Alan Jackson are just so soothing and speak to my soul. There is nothing like the old hymns to draw you to him
    I worship with these songs all the time. So thankful for music. God bless you. ❤ Lisa.

  5. 😒🤔😒🤔😒🤔😒🤔😒🤔😒🤔😒🤔Every ad is an hour long. Few are a 1/2 hour long. Way more ads than should be. Interferes in middle of songs. Utube also stops many times to ask if I am listening. This is sickening. It is done on every video. On every site. Especially Christian videos. This is unfair treatment to all of us. This did not happen before 2020. State, government and big tech are all part of this. Please do something about this. Thank you.
    They are trying to get us to not listen.

  6. This song i love it br8ng back the best days of my life 8t was so fun and beauiful long timse all these song make me remenber people use come by couison and they give services and these they use to sing iitis mar gical and music to my ear and it bring back fun and happiness god bless u sll good night to all

  7. I decree and declare the blood of our Risen Lord Jesus Christ upon your heart your family and your dwelling. May the hedge of God Almighty Himself preserve your life and testimony for his glory and kingdom. God bless you brother. Amen. X

  8. I remember my Pappa ( great grandfather Ernie Mewbourn) on the porch of their old farm house in his old rocking chair with his old dog at his side, wailing these old songs across the hills of East Texas. Childhood memories.

  9. I think this beautiful music helps us all as we go throughout our day, if we let it. I have known these songs since childhood and am enjoying them more now than as a child. the last three days I have listened to different people sing the same songs and loved them more than ever. I think when things may not be going well, they comfort even more than when we are calm. I enjoy them either way.


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