Atomic prayer by Dr Cindy Trimm


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  1. Amen stand with you love you thank you for the powerful pray and pray with you amen love you thank you you are a great intersections women of God amen grateful powerful pray amen

  2. Hallelujah Praise You Almighty Father God Thank You Jesus For Paying A Mighty Price For Our Sin's,. I Plead Jesus Blood Over Myself and Everyone Of my Family Member's, Our Homes, And Property's, We Agree With Every Word Of This Prayer In Jesus Christ Name. Thank You Jesus We Receive Your Forgiveness, We Receive Your Deliverance From Evil Assignments From Satan By The Blood Of JESUS CHRIST 🩸 Supernatural Healings, Restoration of Our Body, Soul, Spirit, and Mind's Redemption, Victory, Freedom, Financial Miracle's, Provision's, Abundant Life, Bondage's Broken, Strongholds Broken, I Claim It For Your Glory, Empower Us, Strengthen Us, Thank You Almighty Father In Jesus Christ Holy Name, Fill Me With Your HolySpirit,Your Kingdom Come Your Will Be Done For Your Glory. Hallelujah Praise You Almighty Father God. Forgive our mistake's, Forgive Us For Mental Emotional insanity, Grant Us A Clear Mind, Stop Self Sabotage, Strengthen Us, Empower Us To Stop Family Member's Disrespect, Narcissist Abuse, Grant Us Your Discernment,Healthy Emotional Health, Prosperity, A True Relationship With You Father God, Jesus Christ,And Holy Spirit , YOUR Love,and Forgiveness Thank You Jesus Christ, We Love You 💝GLORY HALLELUJAH PRAISE ALMIGHTY FATHER IN JESUS NAME LET YOUR KINGDOM COME YOUR WILL BE DONE, HEAVEN ON EARTH 🩸😇🔥🔥🔥🌍🌀🌈🌎🌈FOR YOUR GLORY 💝☄️🌈🌎🌈☄️💝

  3. Father I accept and claim the prayers in this video and I pray for everyone listening to it as well for our families or kids or loved ones and father I pray for our enemies whoever they may be prosperity and all I forgive my enemies I pray they forgive me thank you for watching over us 24/7 thank you for the protection thank you for the understanding and love and everything you have done for us thank you for my full retirement on August 4th thank you for bringing me this far and we're going all the way in the name of brother Jesus we pray amen amen 🙏✝️

  4. I come into agreement with my sister in the name of Jesus Christ amen 🙏 I come against all the demons and the devil in Jesus Christ make amen I decree and declare I’m protected in Jesus Christ name I come into agreement with the courts of heaven I come against everything that the devil is holding against my blood line I repent on behalf of my ancestors in Jesus mighty name amen 🙏 I destroy the world of darkness my life is filled with the light in Jesus name amen 🙏 I break all demonic mirrors in Jesus mighty name amen 🙏

  5. I stand in agreement with these prayer and I bind all evil spirits lingering or trying to attach themselves to me or my environment Father GOD you rebuke it any unclean spirit In JESUS Name

  6. I touched and agreed with entire prayer and tarried a while in prayer over a hour fighting in warfare with this prayer, Im sweating from praying with all my strength….. please fight and pray and keep pressing toward God, I pray God remove every hindering spirit from performing my assignment, all evil going against my financial in over thrown and removed fashioned for my failure, I remove those who are door keepers of the demons it helps and use to hurt me, I remove these demons in Jesus Christ name, I remove and destroy Satan evil of of my finances causing evil alingments and evil snares and wicked schemes, I rebuke you from off me….Keep fighting in Jesus Christ name, I Only serve you the living God of Abraham, Isaac Jacob

  7. I agree and believe that my family and I are protected from any evil forces affecting our lives are condemned and destroyed forever.
    From today we are free in the name of Jesus Mighty name Amen Amen Amen 🙏 🙏 🙏

  8. Abba yewah yeshua and the holy spirit ❤️ for your prayers for myson darrin bennett for his back legs and chest he had a bone marrow and he having a lot of pain in his body i,am his mother asking for your prayers for his healing i,am praying and I say thank you for your prayers and may yewah bless you and your minister in yeshua and the holy spitit and so shall it ❤️ be have bless one

  9. Good day not sure how to start. Our daughter, Robyn Petersen is caught up in the claws of nigerians in south africa. She sy she can't come loose.she belongs to them.she hardly have time to sleep.shes been beaten.selling drugs.making lots of money for them.she has to drink alcohol.she say she can't anymore.she can't come to us.missing her 5yr old and us her family like crazy.may yous please intercede with us.WE KNOW THE LORD WILL SET HER FREE.THE SHED BLOOD OF JESUS.

  10. These atomic Prayers so powerful. 🙏 Resets the algorithms of God in order. Deliverance from the seducing algorithms of this world and entrapment. Those I have share this prayer with have been delivered by the resetting of their minds back to Gods algorithm of life and blessing to spirit soul and body. # "SO POWERFUL!"

  11. Yes Lord Jesus i agree with this prayer agreement in Jesus name it is done it is done it is done Amen 🙌🌹 hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah 🙏 glory to Jesus 🙌🌹♥️🔥 thank u Jesus 🙌🌹♥️🔥✝️🛐


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