Atomic Power of Prayer by Dr Cindy Trimm!

Atomic Power of Prayer by Cindy Trimm. Good prayer for Spiritual warfare!


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  1. Someone needs to hear this Oh Lord! God almighty! I magnify your name! Yaweh I give you all the glory for my life! Forgive my sins and my un confessed sins Lord! Lord I want more of you and less of me! I thank you for your protection! I am truly blessed and highly favored I sit in heavenly places and I am the son of a mighty King!!! I love you Jesus! This is such a great song. I feel so much of the holyspirit in me. God has been so good and I have never had to hold my knowledge back as I always want to impact people and make them rich as I am. I have had lots of my fellow brother and sisters who reach out to me via email and I don’t heststate to help. If you are willing to do the lords work that is a good thing. I have some of my clients who own orphanage homes and charity organisation. I am so delight that there are good people in the world who want to use money for Gods work. Remain blessed everyone. No matter what you go through God loves you.

  2. Ahman Toda Raba 🔥🙏🕎
    I"am in agreement of this prayer over my family over my life over all things that is not Godly thank you Heavenly Father the holy spirit for the intervention of this prayer we give you glory honor and Praises it is through your son Yeshua the blood of the Lamb that I come before you thanking you all glory be to you you are the Alpha and the Omega the beginning in the end we praise you Heavenly Father Ahmen, Toda Raba 🔥🔥🙏🙏🕎🕎

  3. I played this prayer when there was one early night that I smelt something so bad and I saw in my spirit two young witches outside near my bedroom.
    The annointing in this prayer is very strong that made those 2 witches fled away immediately. And they never come back again.

  4. It’s 2022!! And here I am, as effective it was when I started listening to it whilst I was a student in University, now married and moving in with the husband in September. Ready to play this out loud to fill my new home. 🙌🏽

  5. Hi , all believers, Body of Christ, The Lord is asking us to unite in prayer in this to break down this giant wall of the enemy.

    It will collapsed down, in Agrement by the blood Jesus, and by his words.the enemy is already defeated, but he must depart. Satan must go,
    The removal has already begun. Thank you Lord Jesus, we are getting in Agrement in prayer by your spirit..

  6. !!! WARNING – CORRECTION: IN THE MINUTE 14:13 – It Said: I command every Demonic Portal be Opened….. !!! WRONG !!! * It Should Say: TO BE CLOSED..***
    !!! WARNING – CORRECTION: IN THE MINUTE 17:52 – It Said: I decree that every Demonic Prison be Opened… !!! WRONG !!! * It Should Say: TO BE CLOSED..***

  7. Thank You God for answering my prayers and for giving me victory this morning, today, all day, all night, everyday and always, in Jesus’ name. I decree and I declare I am receiving my life changing and life improving miracle today, in Jesus’ name. I claim and receive financial breakthrough, breakthrough and supernatural success in my business starting immediately, I command it to happen right now, in Jesus’ name. I seal this and myself and family with the Blood of Jesus and EVERY area of our lives, in Jesus’ name. I am receiving a financial and personal miracle, blessing, breakthrough and victory today, in Jesus ‘ name. Thank You God for granting me the desires of my heart in the most peaceful ways. Amen

  8. Powerful prayer! Just be careful she made the mistake (hopefully a mistake) of saying to open every demonic portal on one part and then to close them. Also questionable on what she meant about “grace to the mountains” where demonic altars are. Be vigilant! Only pray what/as Holy Spirit leads! Words are powerful. Watch them. God bless.

  9. Thank you father for leading me to this type of prayer where all issues of life are addressed and prayed for. I also receive the spirit of intercession through this prayer in Jesus name. Amen and Amen and Amen.


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