At least 45 dead in South Africa floods – BBC News

Days of heavy rain have hit the South African province of KwaZulu-Nata leading to floods which have killed at least 45 people, according to authorities.

Emergency services are searching for survivors as many remain missing.

Key roads across the city of Durban are shut and mudslides have destroyed many homes leaving people standing on rooftops awaiting rescue.

The floods come as scientists warn that climate change is fuelling heavier rainfall than usual in southern Africa.

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  3. Bad news about the floods in Durban, awful news, can you get it on your mobile, it's just come up on my mobile. We lived just outside of Durban in a place called Hillcrest? Natasha & Nathan grew up there, the high school is called Hillcrest high? Lovely school xx

  4. Floods are over, but local goverment is asleep at wheel in providing relief to people affected, theft of food relief by goverment officials, rascist behavior in not providing water tankers or food relief to minority communities in KZN, communities face second round of devestation due to goverment failures to plan and deliver on relief benefits.

  5. Acknowledge that the Lord God Almighty is the Creator of the universe and follow His prescripts/ commandments.

    There is nothing to boast about in this world. Many support developers/ implementers of Satanic movements destroying the lives of innocent people.
    Innocent blood is crying😭

    Look not on earth for strife to cease or for joy and peace for humanity is becoming more stubborn hard headed and unrepentant

  6. Prayers to Lord Jesus for immediate help and prayers for life. Prayers of restoration and permanent stable housing with repair. Those lost will be found in taked. Jesus knows everything. Prayers total recovery, food clean waterin the mighty name of Jesus. Amen

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  8. Are these the people that were killing other Africans a couple of years ago because they were accusing them of stealing their jobs? Some already forgot but us who lost loved ones in that non sense did not. Karma does exist. We will still pray God to give us the power to forget and also help our brothers and sisters South Africains to make it through this calamity.

  9. Fear God, and give him glory, for the hour of his judgment has come; and worship him who made heaven and earth, the sea and the fountains of wáter. They are the plagues of the apocalypse. please see the following videos: The voice of God 2018 march: ernie knoll dreams : ellen white prophet (1842-1915) ernie knoll (2004- today):

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  10. It's extremely devastating and sad, we all know someone who has either lost a loved one or their house. These clips don't do any justice to what is actually going on. People have been stranded with no way of getting essentials like food and water. We haven't had running water since the flooding and some have no electricity. People either can't get to work or like myself unable to send out goods as there is no way to wash before sending out, besides the fact that some roads are no go zones. It's absolutely devastating sitting in a place scared of rain coming again because you have no idea if your house with damage will keep you safe and no means to go to a place of safety. Stay safe everyone.

  11. One thing for sure South Africa and Kwazulu Natal in particular is very resilient. We will overcome because God is on our side. As a Durbanite myself it's humbling to see how private organisations, government, UN and individuals are coming together and working as one. Climate change is gonna be with us for many years to come, ours as people is to take care of each other and environment in the interim.


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