Armed robbery attempts up in South Africa

A hair-raising attempted robbery in South Africa is caught on camera after an armored car crew came under gunfire in broad daylight. While crimes like these seem brazen, they are becoming a common occurrence in South Africa. Debora Patta reports.

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  1. Thank God the security guards were safe and they managed to escape, unfortunately South African cops are as useless and corrupt as the government.South Africa used to be a safe country.It's sad how things turned out.

  2. There's a lots of such case happened in SA.i mean, every day. Despite this. Sa police bureau explained there was insufficient funds and policeman problems existed. Nowadays the business owners near the capital city of johnhansburg, choose via logistics companies to order stocks.

  3. SHOWTIME! Banksters delivery crew V upwardly (Toyota) mobile gangsters. Both parties look like they work hard for the money. Both seeking the land of milk & honey, I guess. Dat loot van full of dough, like a large mommy mammy gland hiding behind a stringed apron, full of milk for 'dem heisters to suck on if they can get to it. Mmmm, JUICY! I guess old Dezzy Decker would've been proud of those "aces". Dey must be dreamin' of that mortal promised land of indulgence from de loot, as they attempt to plough their way through that thick armor plating. Perhaps they're just one step away from the eternal promised land, where they then all lay around forever, worshipping various almighty "boss" figures, and talking up about big about their mortal life exploits. In that regard (eternal final solution) , God-speed!

  4. That's what happen when you remove death penalty from a country ruled my mafia and poverty!
    "In (1994), the death penalty was abolished on 6 June 1995 by the Constitutional Court in South Africa".

  5. The Armored Transport firms need to re-think currency transport. First off the armored cars are for the most part vulnerable to attack. A new design is needed. Another is a review of the procedure during an attack. Consider the use of a heavily armed security response team ( SRT) when police are not around.

    Criminals take no prisoners law enforcement and security firms need to step up their game in South Africa. Looking like Dodge city from the old West.

  6. After watching SA get Looted.. i'm just turning in here to see some evidence why the Police and mainly the Government in SA is useless or take part in Organized Crime


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