Apostle Mathis Vs Gino Jennings

Praise The Lord,

Brother’s and Sister’s we have yet again another video showing a great two part compilation dealing with ONE of the biggest mysteries in the bible
Is The Son The Body?

This will be Exposing the Truth and showing the antichrist spirit PLAINLY!
pay close attention and judge what you are being taught and ask questions
about what these minister’s preach to you.

Topic’s Discussed
Who is Christ Jesus?
Is the Son the Body?
Is the Son the Word?
Is the Son of God in Heaven?
Is the Son of God Title In Heaven?
Did the Son come from Heaven?
Is the Son God?

Stay tuned for the sequel, as always Like ,comment, subscribe and lets grow in knowledge and understanding. feel free to contact me via email. theonlywisegodjude125@gmail.com. For our church information can be found on our YouTube channel The Church In The Name Of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

More Videos will be dropping soon!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Don't be a fool brother J… Apostle Gino Jennings has made no. Biblical mistake in his teachings of Jesus Christ the Son of God being the body. Pray to God to open your understanding so that you can understand it. But I don't blame all those who don't understand that teaching… In any case.. not everybody will go to heaven. Not everyone will accept the truth

  2. Y’all just jealous apostle Gino BCAUSE he was called and sent by LORD JESUS CHRIST, TO EXPOSE ALL THOSE FALSE PROPHETS APOSTLE GINO JENNINGS IS A FISHER OF MEN !! No weapon fashioned against apostle Gino shall prosper GOD IS WITH APOSTLE GINO🙏🙏🙏🙏

  3. These preachers trying to sound just like pastor Gino Jennings be yourself stop copying the truth… God is really using pastor Gino Jennings.. why people want to mimic and sound like this man.

  4. The body has to be in the spirit of Christ to be Christ. (Gino) is so correct Christ is not an author of circuses & confusion!! Them churches that doesn’t make all feel welcome Christ Is Far From Those Churches and We Call Those Buildings Or Temples!! Better for Lot’s wife who left and turned to a pillar of salt then for churches who lie and say Jesus is the body of the church!! Amen Amen Amen

  5. No disrespect bro J but seems like you're focused on this pastor for whatever reason. It's a whole lot of false prophets in the world and in these mega churches as well
    Are you going to expose them too.


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