Apostle Gino Jennings – We Wrote A Letter To The Supreme Court

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  1. With the love, grace and mercies of GOD, I am a new creature/being. We have a choice to do wrong or right. I chose "RIGHT!" Thank you Pastor Jennings for the many videos I've learned so much from….Amen

  2. If it isn't the truth. I don't want it. Thank you Apostle Jennings for bringing the truths. Don't ease up. You are doing work for God. Do as they say Apostle, bring the pain. Nothing like the truth, people run from it everyday

  3. Homosexuals know that many people do not hate them, and they understand that it's a disagreement of their lifestyle, but go against them, and they'll say it's HATE or you're being homophobic. They love to play these idiotic games

  4. …and Lot said “I have two daughters that have not known man and I will bring them out unto you and you can know them”
    Lots daughters “…ummm hold on daddy…there has to be another option…I mean our guests are angels…I’m sure GOD will intervene on their behalf”….

  5. This is the thing about people and the preaching of the truth, here's it Pastor Jennings is speaking the truth to the world, and they complain he's too harsh for preaching the Gospel of truth. Now here comes TD Jakes, Creflo Dollar, Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Jesse Duplantis, Paula White, Juanita Bynum, Joyce Meyer, etc. All, I mean all of the above-mentioned are plain bold-faced LIARS to your face yet you don't hear anybody complaining that these people are LYING. And week after week you are giving these Liars your money and you don't seem to have any problem with that. How dumb and foolish are you?
    People don't know that the money you are giving these MEGA-LIARS both on TV and in the community/neighborhood churches. What you are doing is you are paying your way to HELL. And don't even know it because you're NAIVE and IGNORANT of the holy scriptures. Read (Hosea 4:6). These LIARS ain't gonna tell you the truth, because you have become the pastors/preachers and his family their meal ticket. People leave these false churches or go to HELL with the pastor.

  6. God created man and women did not created a homosexual in between the law can say whatever they wanted to say but the law of the law of God don't change it's still always the same and for you homosexuals I don't hate you I hate you

  7. Y’all better wake up from this manipulation spirit nothing but warlock witchcraft
    It’s in the Bible to the devil know the word if this man of God was so perfect as he act why haven’t he made it to heaven yet haven’t made it to be perfect yet but that tells you he’s not perfect he don’t have no heaven or hell to put people in

  8. So watch this since y’all do hollering amen to this mighty man of God so answer this what if a women was born a woman but was born with male parts what then? They need to stay single? Make that make sense. God still made them?

  9. If people teach about being Eunuchs like Jesus taught this would not happen deny yourselves and be for Jesus Isaiah 56:1-7 "8", Matthew 19:5-13 "14" teach the children or the devil will get them young "wake up" read KJV Holy Bible Beloved Romans 1:20-32, John 15:8, John 14:13 Pray for your eyes to open and for an ear or ears to hear read Matthew 13:37-43

  10. That letter to the supreme court was sent and have fallen on deaf ears. I do not believe that any of the judges will respond or come and talk face to face because Satan has them completely and I do believe they are all Catholics.

  11. If the supreme Court top to bottom or whoever these people work for in the White House if you're not right with God you are working for Satan and God knows you know that when you sleep at night cuz this is real God is real and it seems like the White House doesn't know that why is that why are they lying to themselves cuz they've been lying to America for so many decades and they get everything they lied back on God's doors cuz they're breaking the law of God

  12. Pastor Gino Jennings, I'm sending you this message, being here in SAFRICA, That what you are standing for is the truth, and i am 100 % in total agreement with your preaching, bcs is the Gospel truth.


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