Apostle Gino Jennings VS Muslim Brother Rahzull | Should Pork Be Eaten Debate #ginojennings #muslim

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  1. Disrespectful for theologist. He should've just said peace and blessings. I see etymology is a theologists kryptonite. We play with words when it's a game, but dealing with spirituality if it's GODS word, no man have authority to revise.

  2. Seems like to be born again is the difference cause when you born again it unlocks the key to receive the hoy spirit and to think and see things differently.Hope that answers this topic.

  3. Personally, I've met people with no religion who treat people better than some of the most "devout" followers.

    Religion has evolved from a lifestyle way to live one's life to a debate over who's right and who's wrong.

    Like, Brother Razhul, I dig the truth. Pastor Jennings does speak a lot of it…

  4. In order to understand the Scriptures, the Holy Spirit must indwell your spirit and you must have a relationship with Almighty God and Jesus Christ.

  5. There is no longer a need for animal or human sacrifice. Jesus Christ PAID ALL WITH HIS DEATH on the cross. Thanks be to Almighty God, the Father, Jesus Christ is ALIVE NOW.

  6. I used to watch jino alittle , i respect how he deals with many details of spiritual things , but im a Hebreic believer so i no longer think its lawful to eat unclean because it can still be practice . the laws regarding the temple are only place on hold . ,the law is the shadow and the tutor like the nt says doesnt mean that the laws changes.. The law of god is God ,we only know the God by what he says ,God cant speak against himself, so unclean food is still unclean .that cant change

  7. They that sanctify themself and purify themself in the gardens behind one tree in the midst,eating swine,s flesh and the abomination and the mouse shall be consumed together saith the Lord. ISAIAH 66:17
    These passege represented not for short period these will be continue to new earth and heaven to the God Kingdom unclean even though he sentified and purified himself he will be not allow into the garden.
    Then how he will enter into
    The kingdom.

  8. Muslim brotha is true…when God says don't eat pork from the beginning then it should be the same till now. There is no such thing as changes.

  9. The most high said I change not the New covenant is when we go back to the kingdom the Roman Catholic Church change Paul's writings to fit their agenda and that's why some of his writings go against what the most high said they weren't going to go against the most high himself but they use Paul to make these changes so read your scripture to the meats spit out the bone but swine meet is unfit for us to eat. You better look at Daniel the Greeks burning swine meat on the most highest Temple the most high hates swine that's what he designed it not to be eaten by humans they are here on the land to clean up disease and garbage and waste


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