Apostle Gino Jennings – The Devil's Agenda | TD Jakes, Rickey Smiley, Tyler Perry, Joel Osteen..

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  1. Respectfully I've never heard TD Jake's preach specifically on prosperity or begging for donations. Real sermon however some of this Apostles sermon seems personal.

  2. He real as it gets but in ways I still can’t support his teaching!!! Reason why is cause he judges other religions to much in negative ways not realizing he keep saying what god say but didn’t god say he is the only judge so how can you be one of most judgemental men in this world he sinning when he judge btw blacks wasn’t Christian’s until Europeans came into Africa so how is it you call yourself a Christian I rather learn god on my own all religions are screwed n most of us all going to hell when he bring up gays he judging that’s god job not ours I can’t stand tf it’s gay ppl out here but not my job to judge I ignore

  3. Blah blah blah same old story same old words same old book never has and never will change we all know this since we were children he is talking about nothing new and people praise him

  4. William is right, water doesn't save you. Jesus Christ saves. Baptism is to say you believe that Jesus Christ died and rose again on the third day. The malfactor that was on the cross next to Jesus wasn't baptized, but because he believed, Jesus Christ said, you shall be in paradise today. Berlin maryland 💌😷✌

  5. C rock doesn’t like questions he see questions as insult and disrespect he makes people to be his enemy and I have no enemies on earth because I don’t know all the reasons I don’t like some people and it could be my fault so how can I see people I disagree with as my enemies.

  6. Have a sincere question??? If Jesus isn't the Son of God, who is God talking to in this passage of scripture when He says ("Let Us Make") in Genesis 1:26? I really want to know if I'm believing something that's not true. Thanks for help in advance.

  7. This is a question. I hear Gino Jennings message ,when he speaks about homosexuality. What is it when a child ,ask his parents ,that He wants to wear a dress , a boy? This is a difficult topic.


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