Apostle Gino Jennings – Telling Security To Remove Mr. Vagas from the Church

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  1. The Bible says, avoid foolish questions and senseless debates that fuel strife. The biggest mistake is to invite the ungodly into God's church to debate. What? Have you no respect for the house of God? Why debate the word with a blind man that has no knowledge or understanding of the word? The flesh is puffed up and arrogant. He who wins a sinner is wise. God's house is not a courthouse to invite the heathen in for debate. Invite them in and lead them to repentance and baptism in the name. Nothing else. I strongly disagree with these senseless debates.

  2. Well, some leaders is always on the platform exposing other leaders and revealing other LEADERS' mistakes, but as soon as it comes back at the one that IS doing the EXPOSING, THEN THAT'S A WHOLE ANOTHER BALL GAME WHEN IT COMES BACK AT THE ONE WHO IS POINTING THE FINGER AND EXPOSING OTHERS SKELETONS THAT'S HIDDEN IN THE CLOSET….. Now the FINGER POINTER THAT NOW IS BEING EXPOSED TO THEIR SIN, want to throw you out the door, so God is sick of that so, God is allowing the enemy to come back at the one that always CLAIMING HE IS wearing white lily clean gloves, AND MAKING OTHERS BELIEVE THAT HE HAS NO SKELETONS IN HIS CLOSET AT ALL…. but always want to reveal everybody else's sin AND FLAWS….. People always want to expose everybody ELSA'S DIRTY LAUNDRY and dirty hands, but they don't want THEY'RE DIRTY LAUNDRY OR Skeltons TO BE revealed…. but it's okay to show everybody else's dirty laundry or they're skeletons THAT IS IN THEIR closet, but they don't want, their mess to be revealed, BUT GOD WILL DEAL WITH YOU WHEN YOU EXPOSE EVERYBODY THAT'S IN HIS BODY … you reap what you sow!!! That is why we should not talk against each other in the body of Christ, but we supposed to pray for each other cuz God is a God that does not allow us to expose each OTHER'S nakedness in the body OF CHRIST,but GOD ALWAYS sends an adversary which is A PERSON that do not know the living God nor do they, have a relationship with him, to expose his children that are disobedient, according to the word of God! Read your Bible it's in there…..in fact in the Old Testament God was always exposing his children's rebellion through an adversary who had no relationship with him and did not know him, the living God at ALL, to spank his disobedient children… this is happening right now, Cuz there is a reaping of what they have sowed!!! God bless you!!! It is God's doing and it is marvelous in our eyes! Matthews 21:42..

  3. You can hear the anger in his voice while telling his security to usher him out!!! This is why you don't put faith in MAN!!!! What was on the tape? The spirit was not in "this hypocrite knows he ain't got not tape" also in "nobody is comin in first church and take over"!!! The devil loves confusion!!!


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