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  1. Everybody has a part to play. Men have their part women have their part.. I'm not advocating for hen pecked men. I'm not advocating for pimp type of men. Everybody has a part , play your part. If you don't know your part, you better ask somebody that do know.

  2. As much as like to hear Pastor Jennings, as it relates to weak, hen-pecked men please inquire and question the single, independent, “boss” women who raised them to be that way.

  3. If he were on the great comedy show Martin, he'd be Angry brother (pastor) version! Not disagreeing, but does he ever give a sermon that bring joy to his demeanor?! He's funny. … In a 'angrybrother' kind of way!

  4. Wait Abraham listened to Sarah and now we have the problems brought about with Hagar, Ishmael. Adam and Eve, Samson and Delilah, of course, etc., etc., etc. I see a biblical pattern, there's always a "fee" in "female" see "fee+mail=$ mail the check" or the golden ration which is:
    female: feemail=$ They will always cost you something that why they are called females.

  5. Women say they can't find a Man because they forgot what position GOD gave them to play from birth. The modern women only want to be Empowered and they want a Man to act like they're Girlfriend in a relationship. They can stay all by themselves talking that Boss Lady Stuff.

  6. Apostle Jennings,
    Can you please come to Southern California? Can you please come and help me? You have truly enlighten me to the real truth, the real way… I have an idea and I will call it getting on the right track I'm asking you to come and help me get on the right track and others like me… My name is Lisa Talley Moore I live in Moreno Valley California. Please come please come and help me out my family and others like me that love the Lord. I have six grandchildren and five of them are male I need you in their lives… I need your message… I know without a doubt that everything is in the word however sometimes we need someone outside of ourselves to deliver it and that is you for me and many others and I know that without a doubt… Please come

  7. I do not agree with the philosophies of this preacher, I know he is false, he denies the Father and the Son because he subtly denies the existence of the Son of God as begotten and beloved of the Father.
    1 John 2:22, 23; that is if people are paying attention to his posts about the Son of God etc. He denies God, the Lord, the "LET US" of Genesis 1:26 and Genesis 11:7 akjv .
    Not everything a false teacher says will be false, his truths are meant to hide his false in order to deceive.
    When I post a comment it is for people to read and think and go searching the Word of God for themselves. I don't care about the approval of men. So people liking what I post is not my ambition. But Please, read and ponder and Wonder. If one is a child of God, there is no way he accepts everything any man teaches or preaches in this deceitful day and age. The Spirit of God drives his saints into the word and prayer. If we are not driven to search the word when any man speaks, something has to be wrong with us.
    False Preachers love the attraction to themelves, they delight in the approval of the ignorant. "study to show thyself approved unto God a workman that needeth not to be ashamed rightly dividing the word of truth" that means no scripture is left unturned. "Search the scriptures for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me". In a court room evidence is key. But there are both true and false witnesses.


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