Apostle Gino Jennings – Is Jewelry a Sin – Powerful Message 2022, Sunday, August 14, 2022

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  1. Pastor Jennings would eat you up!!!….and he would do it with the scriptures…you really believe that God don't want you to wear jewelry, to save money😐😀😀😀…wheres the scriptures where God calls jewelry "strange Gods"…and where does it say God wants you to save money???…thats a lie!!

  2. Grateful for Pastor Jennings and his Passion for the Word of God. I do however take a different stance on the wearing of jewelry more specifically rings among the married. Some things can be decided by the Minister/Leader. Christ and Paul often said, "not God (Ahayah) who says, but I say.." We need the outward expression of Love in today's society. How encouraging would it be to see all the many Black men in particular with his finger covered! You know not all jewelry has to be gold even.

  3. It's a shame you had to his name and title of their video to make your own point without warning. I can see why he speaks against false doctrines and manipulation coming out of the apostolic Church. This video was a fine example.

  4. Great teaching. I personally don't wear jewelry, but I don't condemn anyone who does, especially when the scriptures don't. I believe Pastor Jennings takes a hard stand because most people can't seem to do anything in moderation.

  5. What benefit is there in wearing jewelry? So you can look good? I got 22k indian gold chains and I personally feel its not needed especially when people out here struggling. I choose modesty these days. We didnt come out our mother with bling. On a side note is the reader a woman or a man I cant tell. Sounds female or an effeminate male. Also Glory to God I dont appreciate the click bait of Gino name but another person preaching. I most likely wont be watching anymore of your videos.

  6. I'm glad you pointed out that wearing jewelry is not a sin (I heard this from other religious leaders as well, this is why its important to listen to other religious leaders perspective and study the bible for ourselves to arrive at the truth) but its some peoples preference that people do not wear jewelry. This helps keep confusion down for those who are ONLY interested in God's Commandments and not that of men which we all must watch out for.

  7. Thank you for explaining it with the word. It was plain as day. Now if a person feels condemned by wearing such things then that's fine don't wear them but you can't tell another it's a sin when the Bible doesn't say it. I believe some of it has to do with tradition & some are too stuck into tradition to change. Wouldn't it be wrong to tell others it's wrong to do or to wear something when it's not? I would think so. Thank you for the word of God in Jesus name.


  9. I was going to write Gino and say the same thing bc I'm a Fashion designer. I was going to ask can I wear wood jewelry, there is also handcrafted clay polymer earrings and sterling silver? Bc only gold & pearls was used in the Bible. And, I wanted to know what type of fibers is his custom suits made from? The Bible says only wear 1 fiber, don't mix fibers, so NO mixing fibers: Lev. 19:19 & Deut. 22:11. So, I wanted to ask him also, "are all your suits 100% wool, 100% cotton, 100% linen?" Bc if I'm going to go all out holiness than everything I design has to be 100% of only 1 fiber, too.

  10. I just left the service and this service was amazing, hearing the word of God in person from Pastor Jennings is powerful. Thank you Lord Jesus for guiding me to the Truth of God and thank you Pastor Jennings for your great preaching. I would like to both confess and acknowledge my eternal lord and savior Jesus Christ this afternoon because he is extremely worthy of praise and worship Amen.


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