Apostle Gino Jennings – If You Keep Letting These Preachers Rob You Then You Need To Sing This Song

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  1. Just walked away from my church,the pastor wanted to celebrate his birthday with the congregation,the so called email that came out asking everyone to bring him 156.00 exact for his birthday 🤯 some churches are just businesses

  2. I love Apostle Gino Jennings, he’s the most strongest, Intelligent, Full of God’s Anointed, that I do believe & I’ve learned so much from him & seen the things in me that he’s Preaching like sending money to Preachers etc, I’ve Prayed for a Real Man of God to Keep my Soul from going to Hell & It just happened a year ago, I turn on YouTube & he kept popping up, I said who’s this keep popping up,? I’m so, so glad & Apostel back every WORD up with SCRIPTURES alone with Minister Williams, May God continue to Bless them & their Families & keep them…! Lot of Love keep it coming Apostle…!

  3. He tries to acts like a comedian singer . . . Jesus Christ would not act like that.
    Nowhere in God's Holy Word in the Bible are there any illustrations of such actions or any of his ministering preachers acting like comedians.

  4. ☝️😃I LOVE THIS BOLD TRUTH AND DOSE OF HOLY REALITY!!!! This is a SPIRITUAL MILLENNIUM WARNING ⚠️ Just like the first COVID-19 PLAGUE and the second PLAGUE the MONKEY POX…Take Heed People and “Let’s Get Back To Bible~ Pastor Gino Jennings

  5. My holy pastor you are very very very very very very very very very very very truthful yes yes yes yes yes yes yes please please please please please tell it like it is blessings blessings blessings blessings blessings blessings blessings blessings

  6. 😂 Brother Gino you are really sent by God to make us all to love & enjoy the service of God from your service, for it's really God wants , Everybody to be shaken & turned upside down to get back to our senses, with your service, I would love the Vatican to rectify what's happening through your service & when two or three comes together there will be God with us to guide us & heed our prayers 🙏 God has Blessed you with his will & God has blessed them also & will Bless them again too🙏


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