Apostle Gino Jennings – I Didn't Vote For Biden, I Didn't Vote For Nobody But Jesus

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  1. The only one who can save you now ,Christ Jesus. If your waiting for Trump to save you it’s not going to happen. They serve the god of this world. They toss people to and fro as they rape and pillage the land.

  2. Brother Gino is right God should be our guide first & our Protector Spiritually 🙏 & worldly we should vote for best person who deserve it the one who wants to serve the people & his country, as Elected by our efforts after taken everything in consideration, finally the elect are Elected of God's ,bcoz as in Heaven we need Father & in this world we need someone who can be the voice of people who are looking out for a leader who can take care of them & country 🙏

  3. You didn't vote for Jesus Christ you vote for Satan or the pope all Sunday worshipping goes to Satan they think to change time and law they think to change the Sabbath day to Sunday worshipping 🌞


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