Apostle Gino Jennings – God Will Use Different Things To Interrupt Your Life And Save Your Life

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  1. I have not listened to this sermon yet, but the video title is true…for those of you reading this comment. if there is something you are…doing you know is against the will of God, *stop today*. Confess and ask God for forgiveness, and repent today.

  2. Truly God's word will check and refine you if we yield to Him. I've noticed how God is training me to hear His voice in the midst of a noisy world. Even when I listen to Pastor's message at the branch church I have to block brother Logan's constant yelling out. He may not think or care that his yelling is obsessive and disruptive to others. But think of how difficult it would be to hear the message if everyone in the congregation yelled out like him. Pastor reprimanded those in other branch temples from making noise and playing instruments while the word is going forth. They replied brother Logan does it so what's the difference. Pastor replied that's just Logan's way, but if he goes to far he would check him. If the woman are to behave in the church, shouldn't the brothers do likewise? We should conduct ourselves differently than when we were in the world. May God help us all come up to the standard of godliness

  3. God use any thing or persons including women because everyone Carrie's the church with us where ever we go not allowing a woman to preach the word in the church it is discrimination against women

  4. FaithWalkin and Women For THEIR Dreams Hopes Way's Gone 📖📖🕯️✨ and Reckoning Seasons Continues 💞🛐 Opened Up Soul's Flight For Betterment Changes For BETTER NEEDED. Democracy Promise's Brokenness Due to the Prominent Miseducated Business Greed Captains Overshadow INNOCENT Minded Mistreated Women GIFTED Vessels. Marched TOGETHER AGAINST Oppressive Conditions Husbands, Partners For Servants Workers In Home's. Birthing 10 CHILDREN. One parent No Friend's. Visitors Except For The Grands.

    Now HOMELESS SLAVE Worker's Micromanagement. Di A We Say. Homelessness. Due To Misguided HUSTLERS Era Beginnings For Selfish Cowardly Taught Gun. Gang's Mentality Training USA.

    Lord Spiritual PRAYING.. Praises Health Conditions Improve Adulthood Growths. Stony Roads Return To USA Shores and Women Sufferings Eras 😢❤️‍🩹 FANTASY Gov HollyWoodHood Ideologies Created Misguided SOULS.

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