Apostle Gino Jennings – God Moves In A Mysterious Way, His Wonders To Perform

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  1. Is it Possible He is a lying?

    Yes! He is a lying. One of the Greatest Cons for Theft of Individual Expression and Money that has ever been Perpetrated on the Planet. And it’s legal!

    There are more than 4,600 Religions, worldwide, with thousands of Gods. They’re all Claiming to be the one True Religion, following the One True God. Either Only one Religion is True or all Religions are False? How can all Religions be True?

    So If He truly believes the Bible to be True… Then he's a Ignorant Fool, and Needs to be Silenced, and

    If He knows that its all Lie's… Then he is a Worthless Tyrant, and Needs to be Silenced…

    Ether way He Needs to be Silenced…


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