Apostle Gino Jennings – Cheating In Marriage | You Say You've Never Cheated, Are You Sure?

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  1. A family member said to me that he could have as many wives as he wanted and they can live in various places. (Polygamy is biblical).

    He said as long as they are financially capable of taking care of themselves, he doesn't have to and wouldn't need to do so. He just needs to give them sex and be there whenever he can.
    (Did King Solomon have wives spread out all over the cities/ world like this?)

    Also does the husband need to tell (the wife) that he has other (wives) women that he married?
    I would think that if she found out about them, then that's adultery (towards her), correct?

    I disagreed with him. Am I wrong?

  2. "HOW to THINK is much more productive than what to think." By Graspmathologist Dr R Yates of Graspmatyx.

    Disfortunately, Christians are NOT aware that Christ the Amen never called himself IoZesus (Greek) Yesus (Roman Latin) Jesus (G'juss English only).

    Read the written words of Christ only in the Gospels of Matthew Mark Luke John and you will no longer see the words of Christ saying he is called Jesus, G'juss, Yesus it IoZesus.

    Khrist the Amen mentioned his name in the Old and New Testaments.

    Is Gino Jennings a Bible Pimp?

    Gino Jennings is not a Student of the Aramaic, Hebrew Culture or languages.

    The word espouse is NOT Aramaic the language Khrist The Amen spoke as parable to his disciples. The word espouse is NOT Hebrew. The Ancient Israelites are not Called Wife or Husband before marriage.

    The word espouse is Latin/Spanish/Italian/Portuguese for espousa means Wife, espouso means husband, NOT engaged, but married as Husband and Wife.

    Learning Question: Matthew 1: 1 – 18. Is this the Genealogy of Amen the Khrist or of his biological father Yoseh (Joseph)?

    If Khrist the Amen is not of Joseph seed or Genealogy, then Khrist is NOT of the Lion of the Tribe of Israel called Judah.

    Why NOT?

    Because Mariam (Only in English they call here Mary) the Wife of Yosef Joseph was NOT of the Tribe of Yuhudah (Judah).

    What Genealogy was Mariam the mother of Amen the Khrist?

    KJV Bible Pimp Gino Jennings is promoting the Roman Latin Catholic Church doctrine and dogma of Holy Ghost 👻 or Holy Gheist 👻 of Poltergeist teaching, that Mariam got pregnant by a Ghost Gheist Demon they call Holy.

    The audience Bible Pimp Gino Jennings are not educated in Bibliology but are Sub-jects to Church doctrine and dogma of Greek theology of Roman Catholic sorcery and witchcraft teachings.

    Note right after it mentioned in Matthew

  3. Well since my husband slept with another woman in our bed after 18 yrs of marriage. I forgive him and after several years of his continual cheating and emotional abuse, phonography addiction I choose to divorce and I know that the Lord has released me to leave this abusive marriage. This is NOT what God intended. A man or woman who chooses to destroy and disrespect the household I cannot fight him. He has a reprobate mind. If I look at an attractive man but never slept with him so Im just as much as an adulteror than my husband. WOW OK. Then praise God we are both wrong.
    As a woman I will remain single and celibate. Adultery ruined my marriage because of the soul ties my husband has from joining his body with several women throughout our marriage. He broke the marriage covenant. He defiled the marriage bed. It completely broke my spirit, but Praise GOD I'm healed and free. I forgive him. My husband risked my health and his health from STD's Lets talk about that please!!
    People committing adultery with their bodies can bring AIDS home to an innocent spouse.
    I got married to be joined with ONE FLESH not a bunch of random folks behind my back. The Lord will allow me to be free of this. The soul ties are deadly to a marriage and people take marriage vows so lightly. Then they bring spirits right into the marriage bed and home to the children and wife when they sleep with people outside the marriage. It is devastating and passes down to the children. When the fornicator or adulterer joins his or her body with someone else they think just because they do it behind the spouses back it will not come out. I see the demonic spirits and had dreams and that is how I knew my spouse was cheating. The Lord revealed it all to me, because I'm a Christian and I prayed to GOD to help. I'm NOT perfect but I reached out to GOD.
    I saw how my husband changed immediately after marriage and when our son was born. I have only laid with my husband during our 18 yr marriage, but praise God I never caught a disease. It's dangerous and evil out here.
    My husband started withholding himself from me because of his body has been joined to many other women. I'm attractive and run 5 miles a day and extremely fit and attractive. I have long hair and don't wear makeup or fake eyelashes or weave. It does not matter how beautiful you are. So it's no excuse. I know how to dress for my husband and would try to romance him. I work and pay bills, I'm a college graduate. I cook, clean, go to church with or without him. I serve in church where we met. If the heart is evil and wicked and the body soon will follow. His heart indeed is gone from the marriage. I will remain unmarried. I prayed for the Lord to remove my bitterness and release me from this marriage. Praise the Lord. Help us all.

  4. People are divorce but they are still not free to married again until one of them are dead according to God's word. If they try to remarried or date someone are committing adultery.

  5. Marriage is a blessing only when things are working out how God design it. but to me it seems like a curse when you are not experiencing what God design it to be. I am overwhelmed by all this because my husband is forcing seperation on me even though I don't want it. I can't do anything about it and to hear that you can seperate from your spouse biblically. so it's bondage because the other person can impose whatever they want on you. If they want to keep cheating even marrying and doing whatever they want. Abusing you whatever they want to do to you. The only option you have is to seperate and remain unmarry. It's very depressing. I know some people don't mind staying unmarried the rest of their life. But I can't imagine having to stay by myself all my life never having children or a family of my own. All because my spouse don't want to be with me. I am 29 so to me it's depressing like I haven't even began living life to the fullest yet. I tried to obey God word by getting married and doing everything I could go have a Christ centered marriage but it's not just by choices alone. It's another person's choice also which makes marriage a living hell sometimes. You best hope the person you marry. Fears God and obeys him. Some people hate you even want to kill you because they want out the marriage.

  6. In an in depth search for divorce back then ,man will leave their women for whoever reaon whether it was she smelled bad ,she didn't know to cook or she's unattractive, God didn't agree to this that's why he said because of the hardness of your heart, you can't divorce for no reason that doesn't include adultery but not in the heart but in the act,he's reading the catholic Bible which has the lost books that don't count because they contain certain teachings that don't go with God's word, if a women cheats or vice versa,the victim can remarry but the person who cheated cannot marry if he or she does they're committing adultery

  7. Pastor Gino I thank God for you
    U explain remarried and Devorce evil so clear I love the word of God
    But this man said he is a prophet and it's not wrong if u married again if your wife Devorce you the man have all right to remarried but not the wife she is not to married a nother or else she is commiting adultery
    Please explain
    Thanks God's child

  8. Okays did Deuteronomy 24 it is a abomination in the eyes of God to return to your old husband I was that if you don't sleep with someone else even if you have a baby with another man explain it hello explain that pastor Gino

  9. Just read Matthew 19:7 to 9. Gino took away from the scripture, all that talking will confuse you, the devil is crafty. Yes, Moses let them divorce because of their hard hearts. That has nothing to do what Jesus said in verse 9. Jesus said, "I tell you." What Jesus said has nothing to do with what Moses said or done about divorce. God said, " it wasn't the way Moses permitted divorce in the beginning. Period talking about Moses is over. V9 Jesus said, "I tell you," Gino made it sound like God was making you go back to the beginning to keep it that way. Jesus cleared up the confusion, divorce is allowed if your partner commit sexual immorality. Why? Demons enter the mind, heart and body of those who indulge in sex outside marriage, they will bring them demons home, that's why Jesus allows divorce. Gino slick like the rest of them.

  10. This is why you follow after the Holy Spirit, God said trust and follow no man. This man put everyone in hell, that's not his calling. These scriptures you better go back and let the Holy Spirit teach you about this subject, man will change and add to and take away from the scripture.

  11. Thank you for this I fought for my marriage of 14yrs. He committed adultry and couldn't take it anymore. I had to divorce him, this brings so much clarity

  12. Why women look so sad? The men always sharp? Can the sisters look beautiful too? Saved men want their wives beautiful too. Men look interested, the sisters look sad.

  13. This is why the Apostle Paul tells us to 📖 study, to show your self approved unto God a workman needing not to be ashamed, but rightly dividing the word of truth. When Moses & even Jesus had spoken on marriage & divorce we were still bound to the Law. We never transitioned from the Law until after Jesus had risen from the grave, & this was when he said to his father it is finish.

    Meaning that he came in the flesh to do what other men before him couldn't do which was to fulfill the letter of the law. Galatians chapter 2 beginning in verse 14 tells you & I that the law was our old school master, but after faith had came we no longer live under the law but under grace. Does God hate divorce Absolutely, but under grace he forgives us for divorce. Trying to hold someone under the bondage of the law in marriage & divorce is simply keeping someone in captivity to something that Jesus redeemed us from which is the Law. Walk in freedom in which the garage that God had given you & I through his son Jesus. He's a our redeemer. He paid for the redemption of our sins which were bound by the Law.

  14. We all know that there are very few virgins in this world waiting for their mate who is undefiled and set apart. Untouched by sensuality and foolish youthful desires both physical and in the heart. Who is not divorced and hasn't remarried. Who doesn't have babies from such indiscretion. Who is waiting for that mate who also is defined in such sanctification. There are none righteous, no not one. The woman that had multiple husband's,  the woman caught in adultery. The men who walked away guilty of the same crime. The story of Hosea and many more. Yeshua gave them peace from their condemnation. That is what we as imperfect souls needed in a Savior. Why we get confused in this conundrum is the shear reason why this requires His perfect understanding and mercy. His perfect law should humble ALL OF US in our unrighteousness. Blended families, lustful hearts, dating etc,. In this sermon Pastor Jennings preaches, he must as also realize our imperfections that surround him.  There is no way that hell should have more sinners than Yeshua can save. If sin entered the world through one man then,  through the greater One Savior He can save us all irregardless. Something is missing if it is not so…


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