Apostle Gino Jennings – Barack Obama Ain't Did Nothing For You through His Whole Year Of Presidency

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  1. My favorite time with my Pastor. Segment Time! Preach the word Pastor Jennings. It's the truth. God did a good job with you. He made a strong Preacher that most certainly preaches truths. Thank our true living God for you. I love God more also!
    Mother Price

  2. Amen!!! Hallelujah to the Most High God. All these so-called Christians serve man more than God and don’t want to offend the sinners. Speak the truth in love and save a soul.

  3. Obama has a job to do for the American citizens not God this fool needs to shut up how about he run for president and see how far he goes its easy to talk shit about everyone one else when you paycheck comes for religions funds let him get a real job and see how long he lasts

  4. Barack Obama didn't do a thing for Afrikan American from the first day he got in office! Truth be told and I didn't vote for him either time. I could see he was full of S*^t when he started his run for president.

  5. Ain't nothing wrong with the truth,I paid the same taxes my insurance went up and my interest rate stayed the same and I couldn't file my child support on my taxes so I didn't see any changes for me while he was president

  6. 🎯👍🏾♥️💯
    THAT'S why it doesn't matter if you're Black or White as President of the United Snakes of America…all presidents, kings, queens, popes, bishops, etc. are nothing but human beings who will die and go to hell UNLESS they repent and be baptized. Every one of them. Period.💯✌🏾


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