Apostle Gino Jennings – Addressing false Apostle Theodore Freeman

Apostle Gino Jennings speaking about “False Apostle Theodore Freeman”.

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  1. a pastor who incites war on another man in the house of god because of a personal vendetta? a man of god? or a fool who uses the almightys name to further his own agenda? somebody get they “pastor”

  2. You're going to criticize someone who made themselves a self-appointed apostle when you did the same thing? You said you never went to Bible School or Bible College. How are you going to criticize another for the same thing you did? You call him out for not being an apostle. You call him out because his second wife introduced him, and he called you out for not preaching the truth. Both of you are wrong and neither of you should be "touching" the truth. Neither one of you are apostles, a woman does not belong in the pulpit, and Jennings preaches blasphemy. (What about Col. 3:16?) The name "Sons of Thunder" was not given by the Holy Spirit to the Apostles. The name "Sons of Thunder" was given by Jesus to only two of His Disciples James and John (the sons of Zebedee) The "Sons of Thunder" (Boanerges) found in Mark 3:17 is of uncertainty. The name may have referred to the volatile personalities of the two brothers (Lk 9:54), to their possible revolutionary past as Zealots, or even to a “thundering” style of speech (jennings needs to study his Bible) Unless jennings is one of the sons of Zebedee, he is not one of the Son's of Thunder. (Another one of his false teachings). He must have forgotten that God does approve of divorce under certain conditions (Matt. 5:32) It's interesting how he picks and chooses from the Bible the things that only apply to what he is saying, and not to the whole subject at hand. God has never sent an Apostle outside of the Bible either. Unless jennings has his name on one of the twelve foundations (Rev. 21:14) he is not an Apostle. Also, God never sent an Apostle that preached against the Trinity. You make fun of people speaking in tongues. HYPOCRITE!! You just said his first wife came up out of the water speaking in tongues. You can't keep your stories straight. How did you get religiously comfortable preaching blasphemy against the doctrine of the trinity? If someone is on their way back down from heaven???? He yells at them you better come back to Bible??? (2 Thess. 2:11).

  3. Question.
    According to the teaching… If I get divorced because my wife refuses to be with me, I can not repent, be forgiven and move on with life…but if I kill my wife, I can be forgiven of my sins and remarry?

  4. What if my first wife died. Why can't I remarry? And what if, husband commits adultery, can't the devorsed wife remarry and not commit adultery? Please answer.

  5. Mr Harvin I pray all is well with you and your family. Can you tell me if your email still the same? I asked you a question and you never responded. Im a grandma and I just wanted to ask a favor bible wise that was all. You getting gino jennings wealth because u share but are u really?

  6. I just hate the wicked,hated thoughts of God's people,disciples, tearing down,cussing their own believers,putting down sinners,and people,it's really shameful,you always tearing down people,instead of praying for them, and instead of preaching the Gospel,The good new,you keep condeming people in your talk,come on,You are a man of God,look at 2nd.Chronicles Ch.7 Vs.14
    cussing other people and congregation you lead,Holy Ghost filled,baptized, and as if you forget the Blood of Jesus works.
    God is the only righteous judge.
    It sounds so legalistic, all i hear is throwing evil,sinful darts on others.Wow,
    Shame on y'all.come on Bro.Pastor.
    my my my.
    gissipping,backbiting,anger,malice hatred,my God…In Jesus Name.
    I'd like to hear from you.



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