Apostle Gino Jennings – A Controlling Wife Is The Downfall Of Many Pastors

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  1. I started watching him for a few months now and this is what I needed 💯facts! So love his teaching. Blessings to you Apostle Jennings and your family! Please keep teaching us the true truth!

  2. Eyes full of adultery is now that Foul Spirit tempting those who give in to the flesh in a society that condones his actions instead of rebuking them! Many are called but Few are chosen!

  3. 😂😂😂I was trying to run from being a pastor wife and I end up exactly there. Gino story sounding like mines I would still be single today if God didn't confirm the man I was too marry. Cause I wasn't going to marry just anyone especially no pastor. God got me good he wait till we married and a year and some weeks later he called us into ministry and he became the pastor of the church it started from scratch 😂😂😂God will put you where you trying to run from in his kingdom purpose.

  4. Pastor Jennings is serious n bold about d word of God but still with a bit of humour thanks Pastor Jennings fr helping me to b a better child of God may God continue to cover u in Jesus mighty name amen 🙏

  5. Greetings myLord Yahshua here, the words you speak is right, the last time a woman told her husband what to do, was eve too Adam and YAH punished the whole Earth and curse it for 2000yr, please let the sistas know a woman can not get into Heaven without going through the Man, as it been written, YAHBLESS U:::

  6. The unadulterated holy Word of God is so powerful, direct and final. God’s Word is internal & will never change. God bless Pastor Jennings & every preacher who is not afraid to teach EVERYTHING in the Bible. 🙏🏽😃

  7. I think me and Bishop Gino's Jennings Preach under the same Anointing. My page on YouTube, and Spotify. I love building my self up through the Anointed Preaching of Bishop Jennings. I listen to him everyday not just on Sunday. Lord continue to cover Him in your Blood.

  8. Powerful thing because that’s exactly what happen with Adam and in the apocrypha there’s a story in there about that too how the king was with his queen and how she slapped him it’s in the apocrypha

  9. Stop criticizing and putting others he sure knows alot of evil if he has never been a part of it how would he know he is just as crooked as anyone else but he will suffer for his insulting remarks making fun of others

  10. Thanks be too the Living Lord God that made himself flesh called Jesus' Christ and he wasn't with no one But God 🙏🙏 Jesus Christ was about The Father's Business ONLY. And accomplished and redeem His people back to GOD.


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