Apostasy Report – Ravi Zacharias Unmasked (2019 Video Exposed Him & Nobody Listened)

Apostasy Report #8
In this video is Ravi Zacharias exposed and unmasked as one who is working in accord with an agenda of deception rather than truth. While he is hailed as a formidable opponent to atheists in the realm of Christian apologetics, his penchant for compromise grows by the day. Ravi Zacharias has indeed waxed apostate as he is deceiving and being deceived.
Update: Ravi Zacharais scandal now confirmed, but his actions in this video were clearly visible for years. They were a clear sign that moral deviancy had already begun, or that it was about to.

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Guilt By Association?

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May The Lord Jesus Christ be with you.


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  1. Oh boy we are now in August 2022 and Ravi was indeed a despicable predator and should have been called out years ago just on his lies and who he stood by rather a lot of heretical blasphemous false teachers and cults never mind what he was eventually called out on !!! You were one of only ones warning about him except an atheist who also called him out on his lies just as you said Josh although listening to his conversation testimony I don’t think he was ever saved BUT of course only GOD truly knows and he was up to his shenanigans days before he died but remember this is now 2022

  2. THANK U!! Why will ppl continuously argue w/ me after they've criticized another for "exposing" a preacher/teachers shady behaviors & they throw out Matt:18? I say they've taken it out of context & I'm made into a bleeding heretic. Is it not totally obvious…the context?

  3. Hence, you don’t get to say your a Christian if your not a Christian. If you don’t live by the standards set by Christ whom was sent by his father, then you aren’t of Christ. If you live right on the Canadian/American line on the Canadian side you can’t claim to be an American no matter how bad you want to. To be an American you must by definition be founded in America. Like you must be founded in Christ to be Christian.

  4. more importantly, why did no one in his inner circle know, by the Holy Spirit, the Ravi was in sin?…makes you wonder how many really have the Holy Spirit…

  5. I continue to be dumbfounded at the degree to which you are so true to good doctrine about some things and miss it so completely about other sound teachings. How do you continue to do that, Joshua ??

  6. I have lived in Eden Utah ,a 98 percent Mormon small town , for the last 28 years …I raised my family their …Mormons are in a cult , they know that , its a evil cult and hard to get out of…..They utilize the SHERIFS dept. to hold it togeather .. Say you try to witness to Mormons and they become offended , expect a cop in your living room a few hours later….In Mormonism the Church and State are the same thing…

  7. Ravi Zacharias sad and hypocritical life is a reminder to all in ministry. It is possible to be effective and win many, yet in the end, hear the words of our Lord say, "Depart from me, l never knew you."

  8. I love magpies, they are all over my garden, and their beauty are divine and of course created by God. Some people hate them and cage them because they are ignorant and evil…..


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