Another Road, Another Chance | Billy Graham Classic Sermon

You’ll never stray so far that God can’t save you. In this 1992 sermon from Portland, Oregon, hear Billy Graham explain how you can have a second chance.

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  1. Good night Thank for all your Prayers for unusuall Itychiness & Scratch attack on our Body so Strange it's very kind of a thing but God is in Control made us in his image & likeness in Psalms 139, my Lawyer Mr Cook didn't appear 2day, a new Judge Allan David had my matter stood down at 9.30am, for me find Mr Cook & resume at 11am, i texd & called no response I did a last minute prayer to Jesus & resumed 11am, instead of dismissing matter God's favour impart Justice David, it was Adjourned to 1st June, I will find a new Private Lawyer I don't have money but Philipians 4v19 i stand God will open doors & provide the Substantive await Ruling Date in May & continue Pray for Justice Dowa hand down the Decision & Ruling all in God's Hand await Patiently..

  2. His daughter is much like him. A dynamic evangelist. He was at an American 🇺🇸 era when Christianity ✝️, church were welcomed not HARASSED BY GOVERNMENT. He was TELEVISED – by ABC, NBC, CBS. Democrats kicked God out & conservative Christians were wicked by Caving into the Satanic Left. NOW, we have what we have in this EVIL AGE OF 2022

  3. I quit the sorcery of marijuana and drugs in Jesus name I claim full reliance on the holy Spirit and break all addictions and rebuke all health problems and high blood pressure please bless me with a good woman i repent.of lust please make a way for me and my family Lord I reverse all effects of pharmakia please give me faith and hope of salvation

  4. When Mr. Graham was giving this speech, I was prolly no more than 4 yrs old and there was no internet, cell phones, n other luxuries we take for granted today…
    I find myself on my phone at night listening to his sermons more n more as I grow older…
    I wish I had met Mr. Graham b4 he passed away…
    The world needs more good men like Mr. Graham!!!

  5. The darkness of the soul is a very real thing I was so steeped in sin I felt this but Christ brought me out of my sin and cleansed me. I pray for people who experience this that they will repent.

  6. Poor billy tried to promote the jesus myth ( but he did make a lot of money along the way — died with 25 million )… nothing easier than just telling gullible, delusional people what they want to hear.


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