"All you have to do is believe" – Foot Healing & Prayer for You!

Virginia suffered intense pain in her feet from bone spurs. One day while watching the 700 Club she received a word of knowledge and was healed and pain free by the next morning. We believe what God did for Virginia, He can and WILL do for you!

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  1. Knowing we are in the book of life forever makes all mortal pain & limitations worth overcoming* I'm a realist Joni our sister through love is able to use my wings if she's still in her Mobil tec: love keeps brightness from corrupting wisdom not promises in some revelation = 700 club can trust his loving sovereignty when his promises are not like they could be he is wise in heart and mighty in strength job psalm 34 David

  2. Pray for my knees doctors say I have osteoarthritis bone on bone it's very pain full, I need a healing from my knees down to my feet. My God give me a new body I have suffered. I need a miracle healing I'm sister Diane total healing. Put me on your alter.

  3. I see people thanking god for healing their foot. How petty is this. Thank god for stopping Putin or ending covid. Please stop praying for personnal problems. Pray to end Rape or Starvation or war. Things that shape everyone's world. Pray to end poverty! If god can heal a foot then can can change Putin's heart!

  4. Please heal my months-long sprained ankles, so I can have my normal range of mobility & activities back …

    😥I so miss my long walks, exercising, and playing drums🙏.

    Thank you

  5. Please Pray for me my name is Jolly varghese my legs feet ankle is swollen for 2 yrs also having flat foot finding difficulty walking.Please pray for my healing.

  6. This is totally amazing! First of all, I thought this was a more recent video until I saw that this premiered on Jan 6th which is my mom's birthday too I just realized! Back in 2008 I had a botched hysterectomy and when they were moving me from the surgery table to the recovery bed, they dropped me hard onto the non carpeted floor below. When I hit, I ended up breaking the third lowest vertebrae in my spine. Here about a month ago they finally found the root cause of the excruciating pain down my left leg. I had also fallen again a few times as well. I live alone and can't have that happening again. Upon doing several x-rays, they found that my lower back is deteriorating due to that break in how it never grew back the same as well. I also have advanced osteoarthritis that is setting in there and causing the deterioration. Also, about year before this happened, I fell in the bathtub and broke my tailbone in three places. It too didn't grow back properly and I have constant severe pain from this all. You know how it feels like when you drop something on the top of your foot and it just throbs even down into the bone? Imagine having that kind of pain all up and down your leg. I am on Gabapentin, Morphine, Meloxicam and Baclofen just to try to cope through the day with the pain level I am constantly at a 10 on the chart thing they always show you. So not only am I claiming the healing for the lower back crack that you mentioned, but I am also claiming the healing for my left leg and knee that is being somehow pinched in my lower back. They have told me that I will end up being paralyzed from the waist down because of this. I am 51 years old and have too much life yet to live. This video is just so wild that this was said nearly 7 months before this was ever even discovered! So I claim this and the healing for my left knee! Thank you from the bottom of my heart and may you all be blessed ten times over! xoxox

  7. Ooh thanks for the wonderful prayer, I connect and I believe that I'm also healed in Jesus name
    Pray for me because I know God is the only healer and I have a mission to fulfil yet with Him.
    The doctor said yes but I trust my God, His answer is no and I believe in Jesus name 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😭

  8. I am desperate for healing in California I need a new spine new muscles ligaments bones tendons and relief from a pinched nerve. I am confined to a wheelchair and am homebound I need healing

  9. I claim this healing for my feet, in Jesus' name. I claim the healing for the cough in Jesus' name too. This showed up in my recommendations as I'm about to leave for the foot doctor, I've been battling both of these issues. I'm set free by His stripes, I am healed.

  10. Please pray for me I feel like I’m gonna die and go to Hell I feel so stuck
    And hopeless I don’t know what to do I feel God has turned his back on me and I’m scared I don’t know who to turn to
    I really don’t!

  11. Please heal my foot Lord! For 3 years I have been in the same situation as this lady! And I’m so depressed! In a wheelchair because I can’t walk more than a few steps!


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