All that I Have/Country Gospel Album By Lifebreakthrough Music

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  1. Thank you Lord God for the beautiful songs by Lifebreakthruogh most especially the to Sis. Sherylyne for her angelic amazing voice, God bless to you Sis. Sherylyn and your family.

  2. Just keep the hunger for Jesus no matter what you go through keep praising him keep serving him keep loving and obeying him in Jesus mighty name 🔥 I love you all be of good cheer

  3. The truth is ❤I'm not doing so good my body shutting down slowly I'm trying not to gave my life end you see what I was writing that was being said my time will be with no one no more soon I'm being told I don't even now no one does anything can be said but only creator God nows my number and my true time I end gone forever ok peace

  4. I'm not angry ❤anymore I was hurt 😞what father dad said 😔I'm sorry OK peace not angry at no one I promise but my self but I'm still confused I'm sorry OK peace ok


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