( ALL NIGHT PRAYER ) Don't Give Up Because Your Miracle Is Coming – Evangelist Fernando Perez

( ALL NIGHT PRAYER ) Don’t Give Up Because Your Miracle Is Coming – Evangelist Fernando Perez – In this video, I’m standing …


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  1. My husband died anhe had many womans igoin throuh alot because ididnt get the dead certificate an the next wiman got ahundred thousand dollars ajust want toget the dead certificate to get some help

  2. I pray for deliverance for my family from (ptsd) anxiety stress arguing instead of taking things out I pray for my daughter and sons salvation prayers Abba amen.. since my family and I have lost the rock of our family my husband of 32 years a year and a half ago and now our oldest daughter passed away 3 months ago and all of my grandchildren have been affected so bad from Dfacs and the cruel things they have and are doing too two of my grandchildren are awful.. stole our middle daughter’s children because she has severe acid reflux disease and which causes her to develop hyperemesis in placenta which means you can not stop Vomiting basically 24 seven and she was hospitalized with both her babies most of her pregnancies so anything in her system was coming from what ever the high risk pregnancy doctors were giving her and 3 months after she was born they claim my daughter missed a weight check up on that Friday afternoon but she didn’t have one because she had just left Scottish rite hospital where her and the babies father had been with my granddaughter a week in the hospital because she has the same issues that my daughter had when she was born and so did my son colic and severe acid reflux disease so it runs in the family so she was in and out of the hospital a lot when she was born but after the hospital saying she had a weight check that coming up Monday because she didn’t get home with my granddaughter until Thursday afternoon so Dfacs lied and tricked us saying if we can meet the lpn who is not a doctor around 5 and do the weight check everything will be ok no they took my granddaughter that day and we have not seen her or her brother in over a year because my daughter still had a open Dfacs case it gives them rights to take your next baby!!! Sick world we live in please say a prayer for Aspyn Grace and Owen lee that they are reunited back with their family that’s been fighting for them now 3 years 🙏😭🙏

  3. Jesus, I ask for a healing today. I ask for removal of fear, heaviness, and pain. I thank you for the end of all the medical tests, and the beginning of freedom. Freedom to worship you for the rest of my life. Thank you for my healing. Thank you.

  4. I’m grateful for your faithfulness to God. I’m grateful that you submit to the Lord and follow His voice. I pray in agreement with you for my life. You have been such a big part of my prayer life. To God be all the Glory. He is exceedingly and wonderfully Good. Thank you Brother for standing in the gap for me; for all of us. God saved my life thru His Son Jesus. I am healed. I am delivered. I am made whole. I am loved by God. I am loved by Jesus. I am loved by the Spirit. God is my provider♥️ Amen

  5. I pray for healing over generational curses for my entire family Lord. Our family once stood firm in Christ. I'm here Lord and praying for my family to align themselves with you. Lord their are some that believe that going psychic. Lord I'm praying for them to take a hard look at self (me as well) and take accountability for all the things they've ever done Jesus. This is the only way this family can heal and break those curses from past secrets. Jesus I know that they have great purpose to fill Lord. I just pray that they realize it and get to fulfill it before you come again Lord. Lord I also pray for the change where we can bring back core values Jesus because Lord you know that it takes a village to raise kids. Today you can't say anything to these kids without the parents ready to fight you. How can we expect things to change Jesus! Hear my cries Lord I know what it is that you want me to do Jesus. I just pray that you show me how to get it done . I pray for our Government to come in alignment and do what is right and just in the world Lord in Jesus Christ name amen

  6. Father pray for healing protecting with Jesus’s blood coverage protecting my soul my heart my body my mind favoured miracles relationship health peace finance faithful transformation anointing breakthrough from evil breakthrough from harm In Jesus name we pray amen


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