Ada Ehi – Congratulations ft Buchi | The Official Video

AdaEhi #Congratulations #BornOfGod #Buchi Ada Ehi performs Congratulations featuring Gospel Legend Buchi off the new …


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  1. Hello everyone! Please read this! I will never ask for any financial assistance or contributions from you. Some wicked and dubious characters of false spirits are all over the comment sections asking and intending to defraud you. I will give you falsehood or request for your moneys. Please report such accounts and don’t GIVE A PIN!
    Some use different ministers or ministries names, It’s the same wickedness. Ignore!

    Congratulations on your many testimonies this year, I love you,

  2. Im thankful, I've been waiting for an online job. I've been struggling to find it for years. Now, I'm a happy Digital nomad young woman! Congrats to me! God is good!!!

  3. One of tbe most beautiful song I've been listening to. So up lifting and pure. Thank you God for all you've done for me, and the opportunity you gave me to help others!🙏Congratulations to me and others!🙏❤️

  4. Last hear God gave me a vision, couple weeks later a came across this song i started to celebrate like it was already done 🙂now am so happy i can sing congratulations to me😇😇

  5. Congratulations to me. I suffered betrayal of a century this year and overcame. I am still picking up the pieces, but at least I am alive and kicking. Pain is still there, but to man is pain.

  6. @burna boy must come and comment this song so he to see the kingdom of God even he is secular artist his sin will be forgiven
    Much love from Kenya 🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪
    I love this song and if you're African left your like and Comment 🤟

  7. Ada you are the best in Africa! Great thanks from Uganda! My employer has never paid me since June, but guess what, whenever stress haunts me, I just play it repeatedly, and u know what, my debtors call and start paying, I even got a two weeks contract that paid me more that what my employer pays me for a month!
    This song is magic!
    Ada come to Uganda, please

  8. Hello Ada, i play this song everyday and i keep praying God brings me many blessings and above financial blessings before this year ends..i have three daughters and a single mother so i struggle to raise them. Am persuing my registration as a pharmacist in Kenya and i hope soon after completion i land a very big well paying Job in Kenya and the rest of the world. I will always play this song until i get all the blessings i ask of God each day of my life. I know with God all is possible.

  9. Congratulation for my husband and I that we receive bad news form obgyn that i has endometriotis dan my right ovarium is not paten n i already 43 years old will hardly getting pregnant. But through this song, i would like to congratuliation that Jesus Christ will send me a new message that i will pregnant n give birth to my own child.amin. let sing congratulations🤩🎉🥰🙏

  10. I don't know why I meet this song when. I'm feel down now..I believe this is God's way of speaking to me. He just said it's time for me to get up and stop crying over something that can only hurt you.. I pray that my Emeka at Enugu will be blessed too.. Amen


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