Abundance Prayer For Financial Prosperity

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As a child of God, living in abundance and having financial prosperity is part of your entitlements.
To enjoy continuous prosperity and abundance in all these areas you have to invoke the blessings of Almighty God through deep prayers in faith.
This abundance prayer for financial prosperity is very powerful and you can pray anytime. You may even call this prayer as Prayer for Money, Abundance and Financial Breakthrough Prayer or Prayer for Relief from Debt and Financial Burdens.
Just pray ceaselessly – no matter what your present financial situation is. praying to God from the bottom of your heart will certainly bring beneficial effects.
I wish you a debt free life full of prosperity, abundance, happiness, and blessings!

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  1. Good morning family my name is Robert Stanley Cooper please pray for me I'm facing eviction I don't really have no place to go and I know some of my Apartments my own fault I want to go to ask off I'm getting for that but family you know how it is if you ever got evicted something so I ask you family please pray for me all to Wards are two members of the family of God family because I'm a man I'm saved by the blood of Jesus Christ by asking forgiveness for repentant and I asked you for any please pray for me I got a 2-day to come up with the money and I asked you as we should have been frozen twice that spray for each other I'll pray for you and you pray for me as well thanks to happen in our favor I wish they would have a safe and happy holidays and blessing and covered by the blood of Jesus Christ in Jesus holy name amen amen amen

  2. Lord Jesus Christ help me with immediate financial miracle my debts are out of control Blessme to clear off my debts iam facing very difficult situation pls help me out Amen

  3. praise God.hallelujah.amen amen n amen.thank you father God thank you Lord Jesus for your endless financial blessings mercy abundance n financial endless miracles upon me n my younger brother Dinesh Kamble n his family to make us free from clutches of huge amount of money we both are paying against huge debts n loans after e en this retirement father.thank you father for heari g n answering my prayers n cry of my heart for both of us .in Jesus mighty name.amen amen n amen .thank you father thank you God thank you Lord Jesus Christ


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