Absolutely Nothing -Dunsin Oyekan

One of my favourite tracks from the Album- KINGDOM NOW..

Go get it on all digital platforms.


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  1. Blessings to you all, This is a disclaimer to everyone, Dunsin Oyekan will never ask for money or tell anyone to give to an orphanage somewhere. Please don’t fall for this scam… Grace and Peace to you all…

  2. Eagle worshipper….simply a transmitter of God's heart via songs…..Dinning and communing with the HolySpirit…..You are blessed amongst men and I pray that your spiritual capacity increases I totality even beyond you. HALLELUJAH…..SEE U SOON!!!!

  3. Amen what will we without him,we Just trow our life,which is his into his arm,I love Jesus so very much,that at times Al Júst stand and weep,for more of his love 💕 amaizing absolutely nothing without him,so so true,bless you guys for such worship.

  4. Dunsin Oyekan, God will continue to bless you, more grace, more anointing and fresh oil. Songs from you always bless and connect me to heaven. It's just different and heavenly. This is special. You are blessed.

  5. I woke up this morning singing this song. I kept asking myself who sang the song until I came on YouTube to search and found minister Dunsin. Where I heard the song I can't tell. Indeed all I have came from Him. Thank you Sir for this song.

  6. Glory be to God for His servant, listening and worshipping with him and brought me back to realm of worship. Thank you Jesus for allowing me to find him.


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