A Psalm 91 Prayer For Protection and Strength! ᴴᴰ

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  1. Thank You, God. I am eternally grateful that You stand by me despite my fumbling. I pray that I will be as one with You. I pray that I can only see You and none of me. Forgive my lukewarm faith… This is not the person I want to be… This is not the mother I want be. Let Your light shine through me. Prayers and healing energy for all of us here that are suffering. May we be invigorated by You.
    May we feel your presence and have strength to encounter the things of this world. In Jesus' Holy Name, this I pray.

  2. Praise Jesus ThankYou Jesus My Lord and Savior! LORD please come to my rescue and help Me Jesus. Please heal and save my bond marriage and work with Your Divine Mercy Grace and Deliverance.
    Please pray for me My Holy Mother Mary…He will hear your Prayer. Be with me always Holy Mother. My Lord and You My Mother are all I have.
    I declare victory and protection. In Your most Holy and Mighty name Jesus Lord and My God! I declare all my triumphs through Lord Jesus Christ Amen Amen ThankYou Jesus!

  3. Me n my wife read psalms 91 7 times a day because a Jewish rabbi said to read it seven times a day so that God can answer you prayers and he has healed three people with cancer as we read this sounds 91 he wants to hear you pray calling out his name many times he loves that and so many things have changed in my life so I glorify my God and as long as I can me and my wife are praise or lord God Jehovah Jesus Christ the Holy Spirit and the trillions of angels around us amen

  4. Yes my God Jehovah is always Help us my family and friends. He Love us and always giving His Miracles in our life. He Bless us in the name of His son Jesus our King. Amen


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