A Prayer of Healing from Jentezen Franklin



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  1. Thanks P. Franklin, the verses you said in the prayer are what God has spoken to me too for my season. So I was comforted and filled with hope in the Lord. Thank you so much.

  2. a Christian man has a tenancy to scream at me. I'm senior divorce women. He called me a martha for over working, he called me a liar, he insults me in front of his children, the small son screams ar me also. he is a born again believer. I over heard him laughing about me with his friend. I moved away and never want to return due to its unhealthy being subject to that environment. I hope the best for him and his family. My journey is painful enough without adding Christian insults to stumble me in any way shape or form. Im praying for complete deliverance of depression and over abusive relationships and being able to accept positive loving relationships. please pray for me. I'm asking God to help me overcome all my struggle with sin thats seems to be holding me down. talkative and gluttony.

  3. Jentezen, I have just listened to this twice at work and if I have ever needed my wings back…..it is now.  I am suffering with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia & dysautonomia but I believe and KNOW that God is my refuge of strength and my healer and I receive what you prayed.  THANK YOU!  I felt like your prayer was just for me!  Suzanne Light, Sumiton Church of God, Sumiton, AL


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