A Prayer for Those in Ministry



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  1. Greetings to all saints!!!
    Grace and Peace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you!!!
    My request is to pray for my family members. For Samira and Constantine🙏🙏🙏
    I ask the Heavenly Father for healing touch of Christ Jesus🙏
    Dear Lord Jesus I thank you for Your Great Love for us and for Your Precious Blood shed on the Cross✝️
    Thank you Lord Jesus for Your Holy Spirit dwelling in us, for Your wisdom and for Your abundant blessings!😇🥰🌺❣🎶😇💞🙏❣❣🌺💞

  2. Prayer Request: Healing: Plead the blood of Jesus: Spine process , Bones, nerves: spurs , aches, pain, discomfort ( I feel like something is bending me causing shrinks in my height),


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