A Prayer For Protection Against Evil Plans | Be Covered By God's Grace

Be blessed as you listen to this powerful prayer of protection to cancel the plans of the enemy.

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  1. Cancel all those evil bad wrong negative deeds of those qgaints me and all my real true keyhearts and gate of heavan that are those againts us and againts the gates of heavan how they talk to phycic tellers and furtunate tellers also ad theifs and the dishonouring of the work of God all that againts all us talking devilishly worshipping

  2. Amen yes sir in agreement with you hallelujah in Jesus mighty name my marriage and my husband temper and change him heal my marriage and restore me and my husband this woman who in my marriage and cheating who u put together let no one separate us touch me and my daughter 💪 and reunion with is families in Jesus mighty name 🙏

  3. Someone needs to hear this Oh Lord! God almighty! I magnify your name! Yaweh I give you all the glory for my life! Forgive my sins and my un confessed sins Lord! Lord I want more of you and less of me! I thank you for your protection! I am truly blessed and highly favored I sit in heavenly places and I am the son of a mighty King!!! I love you Jesus! This is such a great song. I feel so much of the holyspirit in me. God has been so good and I have never had to hold my knowledge back as I always want to impact people and make them rich as I am. I have had lots of my fellow brother and sisters who reach out to me via email and I don’t heststate to help. If you are willing to do the lords work that is a good thing. I have some of my clients who own orphanage homes and charity organisation. I am so delight that there are good people in the world who want to use money for Gods work. Remain blessed everyone. No matter what you go through God loves you.

  4. I agree and declare with this powerful prayer over my life to my husband, son, daughter, and everyone who is listening to this channel. Thank you so much, Father God, for such a prayer like this. It gave us so much courage and strength to go through whatever life may bring. Our trust is in you in Jesus Christ's name I pray amen🙏❤️

  5. Together let each of us pray to bind the strong man For this day, I renounce all fear, doubt, worry, unbelief, discouragement, depression, pride, arrogance, gossip, [etc.], and in the strong name of Jesus Christ I repent my sin and I take back any ground I have given the enemy in my life amen

  6. Amen Lord Jesus I Receive this prayer give me sleep rest peace joy health Provision breakthrough FAVOR Victory RESTORATION TURN around in Jesus name for me and my family Amen

  7. In Jesus’ name, I continue to stand in agreement with this prayer, I claim it and receive it completely and effectively answered in my life and for my family immediately, constantly and always, thank You God. No weapon formed against me or my family shall prosper, succeed or even prevail. I and my family are more than conquerors through Jesus Christ who strengthens, saves, helps, shields, protects, favors, heals, comforts and empowers us. My day is blessed. My family and I shall receive a wonderful blessing, breakthrough and miracle today, in Jesus’ name. Thank You God for making a way in the wilderness and for making a way where there seems to be no way, HALLELUJAH LORD, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH YOU ON MY SIDE. Amen

  8. Dear god, my name is Natasha and I recently moved in a house and the landlord is refusing to deep clean it before I move in properly when it’s there responsibility to make sure the property is tip top and ready to move in. My enemies are been subliminal and stopping the landlord from doing there job and the enemies is making them refuse my request. Is there any way to stop my enemies from me getting my blessings and getting what I respectfully get. It won’t cost anything for the landlord to send out a cleaner. Can you work a miracle for me to get my request approved please.
    I heard Housing association Notting Hill Genesis is on the hunt for firms for a £1.2bn framework to support its building safety and planned investment programmes over the next 15 years. So they need improve our building with this government funded money that they gave to us.
    Please pray that the landlord do what his supposed to by fixing my house

  9. Praise the Lord. I command the day, this prayer is completely answered in my life, for me and my family right now and permanently, in the name of Jesus Christ. I decree and I declare God is answering my prayers, God is granting me the desires of my and I am receiving various miracles, in Jesus’ name it must be so. Amen

  10. Give me assurance God n rescue me from this creatures who have any evil plans with my life n Job come give me strength that what I am asking.. bless my family n my friends too…. I trust in you thank you Lord 🙏🙏🙏.. thank you for posting this video I feel blessed


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