A New Way To See Your Problems | Pastor Steven Furtick

Spending time in God’s presence doesn’t always fix our problems, but it will fix your perspective, giving you a new way to see your problems.


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  1. Christina Dawn Hill.. 15 years married. . Look again. Have Faith. God can show your our bright and happy future if we both commit to putting 100%. Only His power.

  2. Praise God good morning God bless you I LOVE YOU place welcome TO goa INDIA Bishop TD Jake's and pastor Steven furtick YOUR FAMILY To All Hallelujah JESUS Name 🙏Amen 🙏

  3. I looked again🙌🙌🙌

    The battle is not mine
    The battle is the Lord

    In all things give thanks

    Thank You Jesus for blessing me with amazing children and prayer warriors computer.

    Jesus Christ is greater than anything we experience. #metoo but Jesus is greater

    November 16 2021

  4. I love him too. My papaw was a southern Baptist preacher and I grew up knowing God…had a hard middle but I'm back with God today and that's what is important. I hate all the people who try to find something wrong w Steven … Even if they even could be right, still take the good and leave the bad. But he is great .. he loves people and most clearly loves God. I'm very thankful for him bc I'm closer to God bc of listening to his videos. Thanks Steven!


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