5 Ways To Fight Anxiety | Pastor Steven Furtick

We think it’s our circumstances that make us anxious but God’s trying to teach us something more.

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  1. Thank you for this powerful message. The Lord spoke directly through you to me. I needed to hear this as i'm dealing with alot of stuff over which i have no control. My praise will rise up in the midst of my storms! I will not fear! The breath of God is in me!

  2. Thank you for your grace mercy and forgiveness in Jesus name amen let's go to work in the name of Jesus Christ 🙏 all praise and glory to God 🙏 wat a beautiful day today love peace and happiness 😊 all in the name of Jesus Christ 🙏

  3. Claiming victory in the mighty name of Jesus! I am delivered from Anxiety! Thank you Lord for saving my soul! I have victory in the mighty name of Jesus, praises going up! Nothing but blessings coming down! Thank you Jesus!

  4. a Lil context I've been dealing with a lot from the past 1 year. I've been procrastinating. i failed my exam. i lost what i wanted for 3 times academically. I'm watchin my father balance his words between how to teach me discipline and not to hurt me. I'm triggered by everything and anything. i have anger issues . i see no.light.! it's like I've bought myself into a dead end. and then I met a God who is the God of heaven and the earth that came down for me! died for me . rose again for me and cares for me! and is teaching me every second on how to deal with pressure n life.! n you know what? He's got my back! i don't say I'm successful but surely I'm better than what iam before! thankyou PS Steven !

  5. What if its not anxiety. What if its being crucified and hated because you just wanted to support and help them. Then if you make it to through this storm only pain awaits you on the other side. What do you do then. Do you row your boat on or do you direct your boat in another direction

  6. Thank you Pastor I’m here in Dallas every morning at five in the morning I get to listen to your preaching and it’s so uplifting and encouraging I thank God how he uses you every day to give us word from Jesus Christ!❤️🙏🙏🙏

  7. Im a student and I was suffering from anxiety I was under so much pressure cause it's my last year but watching this video really brought me peace thank u so much.
    I really do appreciate it .

  8. Hello…..hello….you are so right on!
    Love the inspiration…really need to hear this…lately guilty as charged! Thank you.
    Hate to admit it, but holidays are a little more harder this year.
    I will say this……I still thank God everyday for his blessings.
    He is so good! All the time!!
    We don't always understand God's reason for the trials, but we do know he has his plan for us and he always works it for our good, Amen. That's all that really matters!

    I have a reminder that says, " God, no matter what happens today, I know you and I can face it together! " ❤️
    Be still and know he is God. The Almighty, powerful, and loving Heavenly Father.
    How I need thee every hour of every day!! 😊

  9. “You can’t make what’s hanging over you less heavy but you can get up higher in your perspective if you will elevate and worship God in the storm”. I FELT THAT🔥☝🏽 thank you Jesus, for I can’t go a day without you!


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