4 Unbelievable Miracles From Praying The Rosary

The holy Rosary is a powerful weapon. Use it with confidence and you’ll be amazed at the results – St. Josemaria Escriva


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• https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/190791/Soldier-saved-in-second-rosary-beads-miracle


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  1. Amen 🙏 the power of the holy rosary 📿 is so underestimated and our holy mother mary queen heaven and earth please pray 📿every day God bless you all 📿❤️🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  2. I lost my brother and my mam 9 month apart. Praying the rosary every day made me strong person, if I want to cry something doesn’t let me cry or miss them I feel so close with them , I feel empty inside of me with no love if I don’t pray the rosary

  3. I am not Catholic, but I always pray Hail Mary. My mom is so perplexed and asks me frequently where I learned this prayer. When I was young I would draw pictures of Our Lady of Guadalupe, I did not know who she was. Life is mysterious.🌟

  4. The rosary is the to hear our prayers to Mama Mary unto Jesus More miracles happened in my life while praying the rosary each day I'm getting closer to Jesus Christ then I feel To follow Jesus then I started watching videos about God and starting reading the bible. Rosary is the very first steps to become near to God the Father unto Jesus Christ. ☝️💖🙏

  5. I love praying the Rosary.If Ido have serious problems I turned to pray the rosary to ask help and seeking a good Hope and strength to face my problems.God is everywhere and Mama Mary too.Shes indeed the Mother of our Saviour

  6. No wonder, She is "the help of christians, comfort of the afflicted, and the mother of God". Who is she that comes forth as the morning rising? She is Mary who is fair as the moon, bright as the sun and to the devil and its servants, she is terrible as an army set in a battle array !!!

  7. There was a time when suddenly, what i do failed , from all previous successes..
    That really hardbreaking and experience suffering..
    afraid worry anxiety ..
    And the devil coming with tempatation that life is useless..
    But Mother Mary spoke softly to me deep inside my heart..

    Recite Hail Mary ..pray rosary
    Receive Eucharist
    Stick to it..

    Long story short..those problem solved one by one by the Grace of GOD, those are my stage on life, we need to go back what is important for soul for spiritual development..

    We can not be a lukewarm Jesus disciple..

    Pray pray pray

  8. Jesus said pray to our Father in HEAVEN. Matt 6:9-13 Not to Any Thing
    Else (Beads or Statues or anything in the Heavens, Earth Or Sea, or Beneath the Sea) And( What So Ever Ye ask in my Name I Will Do It. John14:13,14.)
    Satan knows every Verse and Command That was made by God(Jesus) And he is able to perform Miracles like causing Fire to come from Heaven(Rev 13:13)
    So Do Not think in Your heart that you Are Obeying GODS Commandments Because Satan Performs miracles to Decieve Even Gods
    Children Even Enough to Lead them Astray.Read the Bible
    And Believe what You Read and Stop following The Teachings and Traditions Taught by Men that are Causing Many to Lose their Salvation Jesus came To Earth For, Ours Yours and Mine Shalowm AMEN

  9. Tama lahat… i do prayed the Holy Rosary also, even b4 i enrolled Grade 1-elementary skol… 'till now at 66yo still praying the Rosary daily… very big help… all problems solved…🙏🙏🙏…

  10. So what answer can you give to the parents of Bundy's victims. Bundy was a liar and his last victim was a young girl . He wanted to speak to a priest not jesus our heavenly high priest. Israel seen many miracles in Egypt,they still rebelled.

  11. How many millions fought and died for our freedom. 20 million Russians and 50 million worldwide. But they focus on 8 priests and nuns. Unbelievable mentality. The American soldiers liberated Philippines.

  12. You can do it without the rosary.& you don't have to do it outloud.😉😌yw! & you don't need fake religions to do it either. Jesus💖 can hear you.✌️💖😎

  13. It's not just Catholics that pray the Rosary. Episcopalians and some Lutherans do as well.

    I've been praying it very often for a number of years now. Doing so has clearly been of benefit, in numerous ways.

    The one important thing to bear in mind is that the evil one HATES the Rosary. That to me explains the Ted Bundy story.

  14. I prayed the rosary every day for 15 years but I never noticed any miracles.
    If Catholics are constantly saying the Rosary to Our Blessed Lady then everything that is happening must be a miracle.

  15. The brown scapular & the miraculous medal are also two other sacramental’s that are powerful & provide protection to those who wear them. The Brown scapular in particular has a promise.


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