2022…the year of the gathering clouds | Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

2022…the year of gathering clouds. Rev. Chris Oyakhilome by the Spirit has declared 2022 to be the year of gathering clouds.


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  1. So sad that the church screamed of joy without fully understand the prophecy. Clouds gather up to announce a coming storm that may or may not cause a deluge but it is a warning. Examples: Genesis 9:14, Lev 19:26, 2 Kings 21:6, Job 26:8 (Clouds have weight because they contain water. If or when it's released, it can cause destruction. Thus, Jehovah contain the clouds). Psalms 77:17 is more precise in French, Latin & Greek ( The clouds poured down torrential water) because KJV left out the word " Torrent". Torrential water cannot be contained in it's speed and trayectory. The church needs to pray for Jehovah's grace and mercy on the world in 2022


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